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The American Athletic Conference Partners with Grabyo for Social Video Strategy

Wilson Basketball balances on one finger
(Image credit: Pixabay/Capri23auto)

Ahead of the 2019 collegiate athletic season, the American Athletic Conference (AAC) partnered with Grabyo to enhance its social video strategy across all of its key sporting events. 

The Conference uses Grabyo’s end-to-end cloud video platform to create and publish real-time highlight clips, live broadcasts and longer-form videos on social media. 

Using Grabyo Studio, AAC delivers clips across its channels moments after they happen, to every platform. The AAC’s digital team also creates highlight packages and social videos using Grabyo Editor, delivering game recaps to fans who missed the event or want to relive the action. 

By adopting a real-time content delivery strategy, the AAC has ensured its own channels are the primary destination for AAC’s collegiate competitions. 

The Conference also uses Grabyo to broadcast live games which do not have TV coverage, such as volleyball and soccer. These games are published directly to Facebook Live. Across social platforms, the AAC adds branded graphics and tune-in messaging to raise awareness of its teams and drive viewership throughout the season. 

Grabyo’s mobile app enables the AAC’s digital team to create, manage and publish content from anywhere at any time. 

The AAC is also using Grabyo to maximize its archive of video content. The conference is able to use past content to promote and build up to its events, engaging fans outside of main event action.