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Survey of Law School Faculty & Staff Published

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Primary Research Group has published the Survey of Law School Faculty & Staff: Evaluating Information Technology Needs & Resources, ISBN 978-1-57440-624-5

The study presents findings from a survey of 96 faculty members and staff from 63 law schools in North America.  The report presents data on satisfaction with information technology support services, and with specific features such as speed of response, training services and online tutorials and tech knowledge, and identifies current and emerging areas of need for information technology services and support.  Faculty and staff evaluate their need for help with the following: posting video and audio files to course web pages, using videoconferencing or live streaming, using legal information databases, accessing library resources, using PDF’s, citation software, use of the course management system, use of social media, use of Word and PowerPoint, and much much more. 

The study also presents focused and specific data and/or commentary on how much faculty and staff need and value various forms of IT hardware and related services such as interactive monitors, group study rooms, microphones, printers, podcasting equipment, iPads, video cameras and more.

Finding include:

For a table of contents, excerpt and list of the institutional affiliations of the survey participants (most major law schools in the USA have at least one participant) view the product page for this report at:

 A PDF edition of the 129-page report is currently available from Primary Research Group Inc. for $189.00 and a print version is in production and will be available for shipment on February 24th, 2020 and can be ordered now; site licenses are also available at slightly higher cost.