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Open Access Educational Tools From ASU

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Arizona State University and their online high school program, ASU Prep Digital, have put together ASU For You, a library of no-cost resources to help supplement  current learning plans. 

ASU has assembled a catalog of online course materials and is making them available to any student or school at least until the end of May. 
ASU has also created a library of training videos to quickly transition teachers to remote instruction. An intensive five-day training equips teachers to deliver high quality education whether fully online or in blended environments. Additional training for both teachers and education leaders is available.
Full technology and remote teaching support programs for schools are also available.
To learn more about these programs and access all the materials, visit the ASU For You/Prep Digital page. 

Training topics Include:

  • Online curriculum
  • Learning Management System
  • Best practices in online instruction
  • Setting up a virtual instruction plan
  • Web 2.0 tools (web conferencing, plagiarism detection, etc.)
  • Live lessons
  • Pace charts
  • Setting up a home page
  • Supporting students with special needs
  • Creating supplemental resources and customizations
  • Academic integrity & discussion-based assessments
  • Preparing for “go live” with students
  • Best practices for effective communication
  • Monitoring student progress
  • Building social presence
  • Social and emotional learning in an online environment
  • Teaching time and stress management