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New Zoom Video Workflow Launched, Complimentary Panopto Cloud Offer

(Image credit: Panopto)

Panopto today announced two new initiatives to assist businesses and educators affected by COVID-19.  First, for three months, organizations new to Panopto may use Panopto Cloud at no cost to capture and stream unlimited amounts of video.  Second, Panopto has launched a new workflow that helps administrators and instructors automatically record and share recurring Zoom Video Communications meetings with attendees or students.  Businesses and educational institutions can go to to sign up.

Many universities and businesses affected by COVID-19 are replacing live lectures and meetings with recurring Zoom sessions.  Panopto’s enhanced Zoom integration allows meeting schedulers and course instructors to automatically and securely distribute searchable recordings of these online events to students and colleagues.  When used with learning management systems like those provided by Blackboard, D2L, Instructure, and Moodle, Panopto’s enhanced Zoom recording workflow can automatically deliver these videos to students who can’t attend.

Panopto provides a secure, searchable video platform for more than 1,000 companies and universities worldwide, including Brown University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Imperial College London, Monash University, National University of Singapore, Northwestern University, Oxford University, and the University of Washington.