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Maxell Launches New Lecture Capture Collaboration Station

Maxell MA-XL1 base
(Image credit: Maxell)

Maxell, Ltd. announced the release of its new Lecture Capture Collaboration Station, the MA-XL1, for K-12 and higher education facilities. The new multifunctional tool gives operators the ability to upload interactive video content and collaborate with classrooms across remote locations.

The Lecture Capture Collaboration System is designed to record, save, and stream content simultaneously. Ten different audio/video sources are available, and users can choose three to use simultaneously during the recording/streaming session. Featuring interactive content switching, instant playback, record-stream-upload capabilities, remote classroom collaboration and an interactive white board, the new system helps education facilities to manage multiple video sources and the displayed image on the main screen of the classroom or meeting room.

Teachers can record and publish lectures or save notes from the interactive lessons so students can view content online at their convenience. The remote collaboration feature allows teachers to present from thousands of miles away.

When lessons are uploaded to the cloud, users can go back and view lectures whenever it is convenient for them. Live streaming is also available so students can attend class from anywhere with an internet connection.

The MA-XL1 is built with 10 input terminals including HDMI, SDI, RGB and LAN ports compatible with third party equipment including computers, tablets, cameras, smartphones and document cameras. In addition, it supports TCP/IP, RS232C control commands, USB ports for external storage and HID mouse devices, Bluetooth speaker-microphones, mini-pin audio and phoenix audio in/out. Plus, the MA-XL1 includes 1 TB internal HDD capacity.

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