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College Tour Season Goes Virtual With Unibuddy

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With National College Decision Day set for May 1, peer to peer online platform Unibuddy is partnering with more than 80 U.S. colleges and universities as a tool for students isolated at home and institutions scrambling to host college tours remotely. 

As spring college admissions season goes entirely virtual this year because of closures from the COVID-19 global pandemic, Unibuddy is working with admissions offices at nationally ranked public and private institutions, as well as regional universities and community colleges. Unibuddy’s platform gives universities a chance to host virtual events and group chats with prospective students. Platform features include student-to-student chats, student-to-staff chats, live online events, and other virtual ways to help high school students better understand everything from academics to nightlife to athletics. 

Unibuddy allows prospective students to make connections with university students even before applying to an institution. 

At St John's University, 28% of Unibuddy users committed to attending the university after speaking directly with students enrolled at the university, compared to the 16% institutional average for prospective students.